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Apply Collected Nicotine and CO2 to Spirulina Production Base

The spirulina production base is located at the green power base of Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Cogeneration Co. Ltd in Erdos, a famous production place of algae in China. With geographical advantages including abundant sunshine and large daily temperature swings, this area boasts a national reputation for spirulina production with high protein levles. In fact Bayanzhuoer in Erdos is the place where domestic spirulina was first discovered. The alkaline lakes in Mu Us Sandland of Inner Mongolia exist on a plateau of high altitude and high latitude. With a sparse population, a relative short history of development and few industries, these alkaline lakes are blessed with unique natural conditions. Research has proven that the Mu Us Sandland of Inner Mongolia serves as unique cultivation base ideal for spirulina.

The biomass power plant’s biomass fuel is stumped desert shrubs. In the spirulina cultivation center in the above mentioned production bases, the exhausts of the power plant are used as the source of carbon and nitrogen for spirulina cultivation with other nutrient solutions. Therefore, this green method of cultivation not only reuses and reabsorbs the carbon in the exhausts but also provides abundant nutrients for the growth of spirulina.

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