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Nutritive Value of Spirulina and Low Carbon Economy

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae which is rich in protein, amino acid, vitamin, beta-carotene, mineral substance, spirulina polysaccharide, phycocyanobilin, chlorophyll, linolenic acid and other nutrient rich substances. With its comprehensive and balanced nutritional values, spirulina is one of the best health foods available.  According to medical authorities in the US, Japan and Germany and China, spirulina prevents multiple diseases and can provide treatment without any side-effects. Besides its high nutritive value, spirulina also brings enormous economic benefits for the society in its exploitation and development.

High nutritional value

The recognized effectiveness of spirulina lies mainly in immune-regulation with unique performance in anti-fatigue, anti-aging, physical development promotion, anti-radiation, blood lipids regulation, tumor inhibition, radioresistance and hypoxia tolerance. The magical multi health benefits of spirulina make it a valuable addition to the human diet. 

1)  Immune system strengthening

Spirulina contains rich phycocyanin, active polysaccharides and superoxide dismutase which improve immunity and promote a healthy metabolism. In real-life applications, it also aids wound healing and prevents skin cornification.

2)  Anti-fatigue and anti-hypoxic effects

Nowadays, people live a fast-paced life with extensive social activities, yet their diet tends to be simple with high rates of fat and calorie consumption.  Most people suffer from high work stress, irregular hours and minimal exercise which can lead to metabolic disorder, fatigue, lack of energy and lower immune systems especially among the working class and white-collar workers. Spirulina can provide a nutrient supplement quickly to the body, strengthen systemic function, alkalify the blood, and promote anti-hypoxic ability. Frequent use of spirulina helps people to be energetic and reduces risk of catching diseases.

3)  Promotion of physical development and growth of infants and promote a nutritional balance in teenagers

The growing phase of both infants and teenagers is of vital importance and unbalanced nutrition can lead to recessive malnutrition.  Spirulina contains rich mineral substances and microelements that are able to gradually correct deficiencies and promote nutritional balance so as to ensure correct nutrient levels in this crucial period of growth and enhance physical and intellectual development. 

4)  Anti-aging properties

The metabolism of the body generates large amount of oxygen free radicals which destroy the structure of biomolecule and accelerate functional decline, a main reason of human aging. The Vitamin E, β-carotene, γ-linolenic acid and superoxide dismutase in spirulina are all anti-aging substances which can scavenge free radicals and delay cell aging through its antioxidation effect. Besides this, spirulina also contains rich iron, calcium and other elements that can be easily digested to relieve back and leg pain, rarefaction of bone, anemia, hypertension and arteriosclerosis which are common among the elderly.

5)  Radioresistance

In modern life and work we are constantly exposed to electric appliances such as computers, TV and microwave ovens every day. Coupled with certain environmental affects, radiation can hardly be avoided which could damage the body in the long-term. The polysaccharide of spirulina platensis can help to improve the immunity of the organism and relieve or eliminate the negative effects to the body and bone marrow cells caused by radiation.

6)  Promote health of women

Spirulina can assist with weight loss and improve skin elasticity for an improved appearance.  It contains abundant highly absorbable iron which is an ideal nutrition supplement for mothers during pregnancy and the breast feeding period. Spirulina also serves to promote the health of women, assist in baby growth and the lactation of mothers.  Spirulina contains phonylanine which can assist in appetite suppression to reduce obesity through inappropriate nutrition which makes spirulina one of the best pure and natural diet supplements.  Also, it is an ideal supplement for a beauty routine as spirulina prevents pachulosis, revitalizes and helps to maintain skin elasticity to retain the radiance of youth.

7)  Prevent and relieve diabetes

In the terms of nutrition, the consumption of animal protein with high calorie value can result in an abnormal conversion of carbohydrates to glucose which is discharged through urine, or more seriously can result in diabetes.  Today diabetes is recognized as the most common incurable disease worldwide and the cardiovascular and nervous system complications caused by the disease threatens human lives.  As an ideal kind of food with high protein and low calories, spirulina possesses chlorophyll, diverse vegetable proteins, Vitamin B1 to promote glycometabolism, rich potassium and zinc. Besides, the vitamin B6, magnesium and γ-linolenic acid facilitate insulin synthesizing and the recovery of insulin secretion so as to lower the blood glucose level.

Facilitate low carbon economy

Amidst the deterioration of global climate, a low carbon economy is once again brought to the center of public attention. Meanwhile, spirulina provides a popular solution as it has the double advantage of carbon absorption and zero carbon dioxide emissions.

The rich trona in Mu Us Sandland of Inner Mongolia provides the ideal natural conditions for spirulina cultivation and the carbon dioxide and oxynitride in the exhausts of the power plants serves as a source for carbon, nitrogen and other necessary substance in the growth of spirulina. According to the DOE (third party certification institution) of CDM, the biomass power generation project can reduce 250 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Also, through creative invention and technological innovation, spirulina cultivation can capture 150 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. Spirulina experts point out that industrialized cultivation of spirulina pres

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