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Approaches for Raw Material Supply of Electricity Generation

The raw materials utilized in electricity generation can be divided into two kinds: ecological by-products from the forest base of the desert control and market produce.  However, there is a marked cost difference in the cost of electricity generation with the cost of the former at 0.50 yuan/kWh while the cost of the latter is more than 0.60 yuan/kWh.

During the initial phase of the project, naturally-occurring Salix from Uxin Banner and Ejin Horo Banner served as the main fuel source as there was minimal interest in Salix growing.  The total of naturally-occurring Salix was approximately 110,000 tons which was below the required annual demand of one generator set hence the project initiated the construction of a ecological energy shrub forest.  The large-scale Salix planting project allowed planting at a rate of over 16 acres every year and provided a stable raw material resource.  Also large-scale reforestation after plant stumping provides a stable raw material supply for the biomass power plant.

During the initial three years of the project from planting to a useful supply of ecological forest by-products, the main source of fuel for the biomass power plant was from market acquisitions.  However the insufficient local supply of Salix coupled with two other biomass power plants that required Salix fuel lead to a raw material shortage as well as high competition in the raw material market.  On one hand, the project needs to actively promote and organize local pastoralists in Salix planting but it also needs to establish reliable agreements with the raw material suppliers.  This will help to greatly expand the raw material availability and also help to gradually improve the quality of the raw materials.

In addition to expansion of the Salix industry, the project also actively searches for other fuel materials, such as the Han Liu, sunflower shell, bamboo plywood and rice husk which are also capable of meeting the raw material specifications for biomass power generation.

With the improvement of the fuel supply capacity through the ecological energy forest, this will gradually replace the fuel sourced from the market creating a situation of sufficient fuel supply at a reasonable price.  The ecological energy forest by-products will stand as the main fuel source and will be supplemented when required by the market fuel.

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