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Advanced production technology and technique

At present, biomass power generation technology consists of four main sectors – 1) direct-fired power generation technology; 2) gasification power generation technology; 3) biogas power generation technology; 4) mixed combustion power generation technology.  In China, the biomass power generation technology mainly utilizes agricultural and forestry residue.  The vast majority of biomass power generation projects which are connected to the grid and are constructed and approved by the state utilize agricultural and forestry residues as fuel.  The other power generation technologies are still in the development phase and do not operate on a scale that affects the level of technology, policy etc.  From September 2004 when the National Development and Reform Commission approved three forestry biomass direct combustion power generation demonstration projects, the forestry biomass direct combustion power generation industry of China began to gradually develop.

In China, the Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Cogeneration Co. Ltd was the first to establish a shrub-based biomass power plant.  It was also the first demonstration project in the world to utilize desert shrub stubble biomass in direct combustion power generation in semi-arid areas.  It has been able to achieve great effectiveness in power generation through modest investments and innovative technology.  The equipment of the plant ranging from the boiler and the fuel delivery system through to the ash deep-processing are all localized due to stable industrial heat needs.

The project has created a set of standards and an equipment system that is suitable for power generation from the biomass by-products of the Chinese desert shrubs.  This has helped to create a circular economy with an industrial development project that also has a positive impact on natural environment. But the project still has technological difficulties with biomass power generation, such as technological transformation of the power system. As to biomass power generation technology improvement and innovation, the project is researching and developing low-temperature thermal cracking equipment which is suitable for desert shrubs at this stage. This will improve the utilization of the thermal energy so as to achieve better power generation efficiency.

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