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Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Cogeneration Co., Ltd. is a specialized company. Its goal is to develop biomass power generation to achieve large-scale, effective and sustainable management of sand by taking scientific knowledge of the biological habits of special shrubs and rich sand resources and combing with advanced biomass direct combustion  technologies. The company is located in the Inner Mongolia Erdos Wushenqi Wushenzhao Eco chemical industrial park, and the existing management and front-line staff consist of more than 200 people. The company is one of the "forestry industrialization leading enterprises" in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and was identified as "three-in-one demonstration base of sand, forest and electricity" by State Forestry Administration in 2012.

Since the construction and operation of the "2×12MW biomass power project" and the "eco-energy forest base", it has succeeded in "carbon emissions" and "carbon absorption.” The Bio-fired power generation project has reached the "gold standard" of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Certificated by an independent third-party that is designated by the UN, the annual carbon emission reduction of this project is 256,000 tons.

The business pattern of the company is "leading enterprises--raw material forest base--farm household", and it has formed an industry chain which covers biomass cultivation, management and protection, stubbling, storage and processing as a whole. The acquisition of raw materials can bring about more than 50 million yuan for farmers and herdsmen every year and it provides the community with nearly 8,000 jobs with per capita income of 12,000 yuan.

Currently, the company is continuing to improve its business and explore a healthy industrialized sand treatment development path via demonstration projects. From the long-term perspective, the company will cooperate with the industrial and financial capital on the road to healthy development in desertification control. In the future, the project will also launch a further large-scale desertification control for more than 6,000 acres of desert with an installed capacity of 1.5 million kilowatts in Maowusu, Kubuqi, Horqin, and Hunshandake in Inner Mongolia. In total this will provide 10 billion kilowatt hours of green electricity every year with 400,000 jobs and 5 billion yuan for local farmers and herdsmen while reducing 25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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