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Project Introduction

Supported by the United Nations Industrial Development organization and jointly built by IEEPA and Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Cogeneration Co., Ltd., the international biomass energy base project is designed to practice green low-carbon economic development model, promote the development of green energy and address climate change, while at the same time set an example in industrial development by the establishment of a desertification control - green energy - carbon utilization model.

The project is based on green energy which combines desert governance with biomass and thermoelectric development. It is supported by IEEPA, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, CSAM, Asian Development Bank, State Forestry Department, Department of Energy Conservation and Resource Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC and Department of Science, Technology and Standards of Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC. The project follows the direction of the United Nations Industrial energy technology development and national industrial policy with building green energy (biomass thermoelectric development) domestically and internationally as its core. At the same time, the project aims to form a low-carbon economical development mode that combines forestry carbon sequestration, desertification control, bioelectrogenesis and spirulina farming together with financial support from the public and policy support from the state, forming an investment construction and operation development system of "green carbon biomass energy base" .

Within the next three years we will expand the scale of the existing base and additional regional base. The project has been listed as a demonstration project of the biomass energy development by National Forestry Administration in 2009 and a demonstration base of the sandy land pilot in Inner Mongolia in 2011. The strategic cooperation led by IEEPA and UNIDO will promote this project to have a development effect both in international demonstration and industrial scale. It is sure to promote the competitive advantages of "low-carbon economy in sandy control industry" and make this project a successful example for corporate actions and marketization to address climate change.

Three major development modules:

The project is comprised of three modules namely: desert control, biomass green energy and low-carbon energy base, nicotine and CO2 being applied spirulina production. Biomass green energy and low-carbon energy base is the core of the development with biomass material produced by desert control used as raw material electricity supply for woodland. Spirulina production is for comprehensive utilization base of bioelectrogenesis which combines desert governance, bioelectrogenesis, carbon capturing and integrated application and Spirulina farming together, achieving a win-win both economically, socially and environmentally.

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