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Apply Collected Nicotine and CO2 to Spirulina Prod...
The spirulina production base is located at the green power base of Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Cogeneration Co. Ltd in Erdos, a f...[more]

Status Quo of Domestic and Foreign Spirulina Indus...
The first spirulina cultivation and processing plant was founded in 1973, witnessing the development of this industry in the past 30 pl...[more]

Nutritive Value of Spirulina and Low Carbon Econom...
Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae which is rich in protein, amino acid, vitamin, beta-carotene, mineral substance, spirulina poly...[more]

Spirulina Processing Techniques
Nowadays, the processing technique of spirulina focuses mainly on the cultivation and harvest. Spirulina cultivation techniques: the ...[more]

Analysis on Spirulina Industry Development and Pol...
As early as the early 1980s, spirulina has been popularized by the United Nation as an ideal food to relief local child malnutrition in...[more]

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