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Desertification Control
Supported by the United Nations Industrial Development, the Inner Mongolia MU US desertification control projects led by IEEPA and In...[more]

Current Condition and Advantages of Desertificatio...
China’s desertification has reached an epic area of 2,622,000 square kilometers accounting for 27.4% of the national land area and it i...[more]

Results of Desertification Control
The project will not only aim to plant Salix in the sand, but also to build this barren land into a national "eco-energy forest base." ...[more]

Enormous Ecological, Environmental and Socio-econo...
The aim of this project is to plant Salix thereby establishing an “eco-energy forest base” which will not only prevent future erosion a...[more]

Analysis of State Policies on Desertification Cont...
In 2006, the State Council issued the "Decision of State Council on further strengthening the anti-desertification work" (hereinafter r...[more]

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