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Biomass Energy Green Low-Carbon Energy Base
The project is supported by the United Nations Industrial Development (UNIDO) and dominated by International Energy Conservation Envi...[more]

Approaches for Raw Material Supply of Electricity ...
The raw materials utilized in electricity generation can be divided into two kinds: ecological by-products from the forest base of the ...[more]

Advanced production technology and technique
At present, biomass power generation technology consists of four main sectors – 1) direct-fired power generation technology; 2) gasific...[more]

Green and Low-Carbon Biomass Energy Base
Currently the project utilizes the direct combustion technology from agriculture, forestry and animal by-products which generates large...[more]

National Relevant policies in Agriculture, Forestr...
Biomass is both a new and a renewable energy resource. The state’s specific policy in new energy resources, renewable energy resources ...[more]

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